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10 Tips For Choosing the Best iPad Docking Stations
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Mesaj 10 Tips For Choosing the Best iPad Docking Stations 
iPad Keyboards.Now that you have your new Apple iPad, it's time to start looking around for different Apple accessories that can enhance your multimedia experience with it. Of course, the two most basic iPad accessories that you should think of buying are a good docking station and a suitable keyboard.A proper docking station will allow you to enjoy reading your favorite e-books or watching your favorite movie on your Apple iPad at a good angle. An Apple keyboard, on the other hand, makes typing long documents or composing emails much easier than tapping out single letters with your fingers on the iPad's screen. With both, your Apple iPad gets transformed into a hi-tech laptop or Netbook. But how do you know what docking station and keyboard to buy among dozens of others available now? Well, below are some tips that you can use to help you get the best iPad docking station and keyboard. 1. Choose a sturdy docking station. You wouldn't want your Apple iPad to suddenly topple over, right? It's best to get a docking station that feels solid and sturdy. It should also be stable enough so that your iPad does not wobble around when placed on it. 2. List down the devices you want to connect to the docking station. From the dozens of docking stations available, choose one that allows you to connect all the devices you need. Some docking stations only allow you to connect an Apple keyboard, while others can let you connect speakers.3. Choose one that is more than just a glorified stand and charger for your Apple iPad. Get the most out of your money by choosing a docking station that has extra features. The Dragonpod iPad docking station, for instance, has built-in speakers and alarm clock. Some docking stations even have keyboards attached to them. 4. It's better to choose a docking station that is versatile. When shopping for an iPad dock, go for one that allows you to choose different positions for your Apple iPad. One example is the BookArc for iPad, iPad Dock Stand which allows you to dock your iPad in four different positions.5. Go for a dock that enhances the coolness factor of your iPad. Why mar the beauty and minimalist design of your Apple iPad with a cheap-looking docking station? Choose a dock that has the simple clean lines and the modern look that has been an Apple standard for years. 6. It's more affordable to get a keyboard dock. Why spend on two separate things when you can get a docking station and an Apple keyboard in one device? Although the official Apple iPad keyboard dock is a bit pricey at $70, it's still cheaper than getting a dock and a keyboard separately. 7. Go with a wireless keyboard if you want portability. Apple Bluetooth keyboards work seamlessly with the iPad. Use this if you want to be able to carry a handy keyboard around with you. 8. Check if the hot keys and command keys work. Make sure that all your favorite Mac shortcuts work with the keyboard and that the hot keys do what they're supposed to do. 9. To save money, don't choose a USB keyboard. Apple iPad users should be warned! The Apple iPad does not have any USB ports, so you cannot connect any USB devices to it. Buy an Apple keyboard dock or a Bluetooth keyboard instead. 10. If you want to use a USB keyboard, buy an iPad camera kit. The only way to connect any USB device to your iPad is through the Apple iPad camera kit. It may be advertised as a connecting device for digital cameras, but you can hook up a USB keyboard to your iPad using this kit as well. Make your experience with your Apple iPad more enjoyable by buying a docking station and a keyboard. Get the most out of your money by using the tips above to help you find only the best.

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