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1.5 years will change
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New capacity starzmart expansions archangel horn?As China's top 100 enterprises printed circuit boards, wuzhou group last year's output broke through 10 billion yuan RMB. According to its dongguan factories video baby monitors five strains electronics this year 4 billion yuan, output value realization next year 10 million yuan value realization plan, 2012, wuzhou group of value will realize double."In fact, we've been looking for capacity expansion opportunities," the chief says, acquisitions, it is no coincidence that the new, but for group long-term strategic considerations.

Officials say, in recent years, electronic product update stepped up for PCB (printed circuit boards, the demand, become increasingly intense) now shenzhen and meizhou factory capacity, the new round of capacity expansions already in short supply become inevitable."Statistics now say Chinese every 1.5 years will change a mobile phone, and as long as electronic products, basically can use PCB," the chief says, there's no sorrow orders, he sorrow android ebook reader capacity not that big.According to the plan, wuzhou group next five strains electronic will form 10 billion yuan value scale, with over 4,000 employees, become wuzhou group's largest production base. During the exam, place hands over the tube department promotes will take the examination room 2 to 3 kilometers around within the suspicious vehicle removed all, all about, public areas.restaurants hotel, not blind Angle SiMian all have been supervised. The of all kinds of online publishing examinations information and sell the information strengthen sell cheating

The next step, in our province, the public security organ will take further measures, with other relevant departments, cooperate closely, a clampdown, the deep cut illegal crime clues, increase the case shall be given a heavier fast action, investigation dynamics, in accordance with the university entrance exam cheating crackdown on organizers. Meanwhile, will further tablet pc increase the college entrance examination examination site peripheral clear regulation enforcement. To the college entrance examination examination site surrounding key area, the public security organ will advance to rectify, achieves the qing, situation about the accomodations; For all the hotels, entertainment, sell electronics market thorough inventory, clean; Unlicensed vehicles, for unlicensed test one surrounding the commanding heights grate renovation.

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