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8 Best iPad Stylus Pens
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Never let dirty hands or non-conducting gloves stop you from touching that precious gadget of yours ever again. We don't know why Apple doesn't include the stylus as one of their standard accesories, but one thing's for sure. The iPad stylus is a must-have tool for all iPad users. These are some of our favourite iPad Styluses(also the most popular ones on Amazon) and our thoughts about them. So you may want to read our reviews before you make up your mind. The numbers do no represent the rank of the stylus. There's a short conclusion at the bottom that roughly does that. So let's get on with it.1)Boxwave iPad StylusWidely accepted by iPad users as the best stylus pen on the market, it's responsive without needingto exert too much pressure while comfortable to hold for long periods of time. Despite being a bit shorter than a regular pen, it's comfortable to use/write with and has a pretty decent weight to it.The tip of the stylus is made from a foam. It's density is in between that of a dish sponge and hard styrofoam. We're wondering why the manufacturer didn't bother to add a cap onto this ipad stylus, It should last as long as you don't go around rubbing it against anything apart from your iPad screen, especially rough surfaces!Check it out:$152)Boxwave Mini Capacitive StylusThis one's the mini version of the one above. Great for travelling and on-the-go note taking . No more rummaging in the backpack for the stylus as there is a plug that you can put into the phone jack to keep them connected. The tip works well just like the one above. However, since it doesn't allow you to hold it like a normal pen, you may find it rather uncomfortable to use for hours on ends.Check it out:$133)Hard Candy iPad Stylus And Ballpoint Pen ComboThis amazingly sleek pen allows you to swap between pen and stylus, or paper and iPad. Functionality is not the least bit compromised by it's stylish looks. It's really just a stylish-looking pen with a pretty hefty price tag. No special functions whatsoever. We did find some bad points about this stylus. Firstly, it's symetrically shaped. When the covers are on, it's hard to tell which end is the stylus and which is the pen. However, if you can find the HardCandy logo in the middle(the picture above), remember that "H" is the end that has the stylus on it. Also, the cap doesn't stick onto the other end of the pen once it comes off. These little things bug me. But if you're going for the professional look, this one looks pretty neat.Check it out:$30For the Artists,designers and people who draw4)The Pogo Sketch StylusThe idea of having an endless sketchbook with plenty of tools and colors at my fingertips seemed too good to be true. What better way to sketch out concept. The Pogo Sketch Stylus from Ten One Design is a popular choice among digital artists. If you can spend 2 minutes watching the video below, you'll see why this is our favourite drawing stylus. It's sensitivity takes it's toll on the durability of the tip. Putting too much pressure on the tip of the Pogo stylus will wear it out after awhile. So please do use this for drawing purposes on you iPad. Also, since this pen is rather sleek, it would probably fit better in smaller hands.Check it out:$105)Mi-StylusThe Mi-Stylus by Milano seemed to be exactly what I was looking for because it seemed to have a tapered edge which could be good for drawing .However, it was very hard to draw with, having to press very hard to get a line, and the iPad didn?t respond to the thin tapered edge.Check it out:$7.506)Capacitive Styra by BoxWaveIt may seem expensive at first, but when you start using it , you'll understand what you're paying for .The tip is very soft, so you don?t worry about damage to my screen. It's extremely accurate and responsive despite of the slightly flatter head. It's because of the responsiveness that makes drawing details easy. The pen feels good in your hand and works flawlessly. To us, it looks pretty cool as well. What do you think? This is one of the iPad's best companions at the moment if we don't consider the higher cost.Check it out:$237)Dagi StylusThe newly released Dagi Stylus seemed to be the coolest looking pen out of all the choices available. It features a futuristic looking transparent circle that has a red dot in the middle serving as a "crosshair". Despite the blunt tip, the crosshair gives you the impression that you are aiming at a precise spot on the screen. Well that's how we would liked it to work. In reality, the tip was not as accurate and it only worked if gripped in a single orientation.(due to the angular nature of the tip). Also, the extension at the end seems like it could snap off easily if not protected. Still, we can't take points away for it's unique design and cool factor.Check it out: $24.958)AluPenThis stylus is heavier and almost twice as thick as the boxwave and three times the pogo stick. It's size and weight gives the added pressure, relieving you of the need to put in the extra effort to make a mark. To those with bigger hands out there, this one should probably do you justice. Let's not forget that it feels smooth as silk on the iPad surface. The tip is as precise although despite it's thickness. Lastly, don't worry about it being too short, it's really long enough.Check it out: $18.99SummaryHere's a short conclusion to everyone looking for the best iPad Stylus Pen. Coming in first is the Boxwave Stylus as it is the most established, functional and reliable pen in the market now. It's affordable and has received the most number of positive reviews on Amazon. Second place is for those not affected by the bold design and are willing to pay just a little more. The newer and lesser known Alupen should work for you. Last but not least, the Boxwave Capacitative Styra is our personal favourite as it looks great and is an amazing pen as it is a stylus. The only reason it's not first place is due to the heftier price tag at $22.95. You should probably stay away from the Dagi Stylus unless your crazy about first-person-shooter games. On the other hand, if you're looking to unleash your artistic talent on the iPad, you should definitely go for the Pogo stick.

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