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accompany will demand to use the accepted use of, and acco
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Mesaj accompany will demand to use the accepted use of, and acco 
All along, the micro-film equipment market has been restricted area, and as the past few years, the manufacturers of the technical and functional innovation, simple small-scale multi-functional portable camera and recording equipment of the sun gradually, by the ordinary consumer Sought after. marketing manager, said his company's micro-DVR is currently recording camera store digital pen, has passed the review and approval of relevant departments, is currently hot in the. According to reports, the appearance of this camera looks like a fountain pen, and can really write, but the top has a pen cap the size of the camera. The back of the spy camera pen has two holes the size of the tip for recording use. Cap the top of the switch the entire camera pen, boot as long as you can look at it. And now they mainly sell 4G model, recording time up to 2 hours. And the microphone is very sensitive, can be put within the 15 square meters recorded sound, images can be taken further, shooting has been completed, unplug the ability to write to can be inserted in the computer's USB interface. Very easy to use simple, but the effect is very smooth. Built-in high-capacity polymer lithium battery, no external power supply, charge is also very convenient, high grade stainless steel pen, you can replace the standard cartridge, durable environmental protection.      It is reported that red, yellow, blue and special mall since 2008, has been engaged in micro-photography to video equipment sales, the company's many products the industry has been highly appreciated. Mini DVR camera recording stored digital pen is red, yellow, blue and special mall last year, the main push a product into this year, as the market continues to expand, product sales also ushered in a new opportunity.      With the micro-equipment sales market continues to open up miniature spy cameras devices will usher in better development opportunities, where we remind the majority of consumers using these cameras, recording equipment, please follow the instructions Manual Shall not pry into the privacy of others for illegal activities. So long as these simple and convenient electronic equipment in order to better integrated into our daily lives.

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