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contactless feedback. IR
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In consumer starzmart electronics products, close to induction as a detection users body or hand existing methods, more and more accepted by people, this technology can also used for movement induction, such as test users gestures. User gestures as a kind of input, can be applied to many video baby monitors devices, such as mobile phone, computer and other household electronics. digital products, such as navigator and vehicle-mounted LuYinBi of consumer electronic products such as high-tech enterprises in shenzhen area, but also the earliest production at such products enterprises.

To help designers understand movement induction system design principle, this article focuses on the infrared (IR) and visible difference, discusses how approach and movement induction system in a single run, and action LED in using multiple leds for induction when measuring how close to work.In the consumer, industrial and automotive field application, many baby monitors
electronic system benefited from contactless feedback. IR proximity interface for need to detect objects existing system provides a the best method. Proximity interface also can be used to test the three-dimensional space most sports, even gestures, making the next generation of electronic products human-machine interface more advanced, more intuitive. equipment inventory forensics work. The illegal advertisement of campus surrounding clues survey and comprehensive cleaning, a thorough examination circumjacent environment order purify.

On 4 March afternoon Silicon Labs asia-pacific conference room, 314 business manager PengZhiChang micro-controller is with the problems of the general concern, the above entitled with infrared sensors made close to induction system speech development, attracted numerous engineer involved. In this seminar, peng manager firstly introduces some applications induction best ebook reader and infrared close to nine others and working principle of how to construct the IR close to induction system, borrow Si1120 chip, for example, discussed the prospect of close to sensing technology. Special operations develop for a month, the public security organs cracked a case, captured a batch of criminal suspects, capture a batch of cheating equipment.

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