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Digital products are not the baby's Pre-teaching
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Mesaj Digital products are not the baby's Pre-teaching 
Chinese New Year starzmart this year, the reporter saw many young parents friends when choosing toys for their children no longer popular building blocks, crayons, puzzles and other traditional wholesale electronics supplier items, but "generous" buy high-end electronic products, including iphone, ipad have become a popular, two-year-old child playing some of these to seems to have become a "digital master", and "Chessie melon", "zombie war", having all the fun. So, these products are for android tablet pc children's education can play a role in promoting it? When reporters visited the specialist, experts say, prolonged exposure to digital products, it may seriously affect vision and intellectual development of children.
More than two years old girl obsessed with iPhone

Smiled the age of two months, lively. Favorite toy, not a doll nor a building block, but the mother in the hands of iPhone. As Yue Bulai "iPhone", smiled call it "Apple." Smiled a crying every time, as long as the iPhone gave her, she will see familiar locations opening cheap ebook reader animation. This time-tested trick.Lee smiled mother bought one last year, iPhone, get our hands on one, she downloaded a bunch of cartoons and children's books in the phone sound, the intention to use the time to coax her daughter. She said, iphone adults only "toy", but also entertainment and education as a child, "Pre-teaching." "When a child crying for her to let her take a look at this cartoon, and it would quiet down. But this thing for video baby monitors children, a relatively new, you can help her learn more knowledge.""At first my husband is strongly opposed to the phone to her daughter play, but that smile can learn a lot when playing, I have no heart." But soon after, Lee found that as long as they look back to class home, her daughter immediately put their hands to her, "Mom, give me your apple to play." And he got the iPhone after the skilled fingers on the touch screen a few clicks, from holding a mobile phone sat on the sofa watching animation to it, and a look to see for a long time, call her sometimes did not respond.

Aware of some things in the wrong time, Ms. Lee in the iPhone, delete all the animation, and to not allow her mind to meet again the iPhone.But in the interview, there are many people cheap netbook
that sometimes things to do at home, the children crying downtown, ah, no less than the heart to do something quiet, give them play iphone, ipad, so that they look at cartoons and listen to stories, children usually quiet well behaved, not to disturb us.Danger! Child's "human communication" has become a "Human-computer interaction"

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