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A Golf Tee Time
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Mesaj A Golf Tee Time 
A Golf Tee Time

Showing up at a golf course without a tee time with wholesale golf equipment, is like showing up at a drop-in hair salon without an appointment. I am sure a lot of us know what that is like? How I remember the group of four kids in front of me, or the three perms under the hair dryer. Sitting there eyeing the hairdresser hoping that you will get squeezed in. Same thing on the golf course with taylormade burner superfast 2.0 driver, except that your eyeing the pro for the wave.
Getting squeezed into a group of golfers ahead of you can be quite challenging at times, especially if all foursomes are showing up to play burner superfast 2.0 driver. You cannot wander off to practice. The minute you wander off to practice is typically when you get the call to join a threesome. I do not know why that always happens? Your best bet is to lurk around the practice green and wait for a golfer who love the taylormade burner 2.0 to mention that Fred or Mike will not make it. A lot of times they will not mention it to the pro at the shop, thinking they may get hooked up with a bad golfer or what you may call a hacker golfer who love the burner 2.0 irons. The minute you hear Fred or Mike will not make it. You step in and say nonchalantly. By the way, my players are going to be late, and I have no time to wait. Do you mind if I join in?

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