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warned of the impact of Philippine
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Mesaj warned of the impact of Philippine 
Because investment-led, to mining, manufacturing, led starzmart by the industrial sector output grew by 12.1% last year, reversed the 2009 trend of 0.9% decline, the contribution to the GDP growth of 3.9%. To wholesale electronics supplier trade and transport services sector led the growth rate of 2.8% from 2009, increased to 7.1%, the contribution of services to GDP growth of 3.5%. Continued rapid growth of service outsourcing industry

the annual income $ 8,900,000,000, an increase of 26%, the Philippines overtake India as the world's largest providers of call center operations; tourism industry flourished, the Philippine Department of Tourism statistics show that, despite the hostage taking incident and Hong Kong Western countries warned of the impact of Philippine tourism in 2010, the Philippines, or the number of tourists reached a record 3.52 million passengers, up 16.7% over 2009. But the agricultural sector by android tablet pc the El Nino weather conditions, from zero growth in 2009 fell into a 0.5% contribution of agriculture to GDP growth was -0.1%.Third, foreign workers and the general election spending money to promote the steady growth of domestic demandIn 2010, as the global economic recovery brought about by strong demand for Filipino workers, as well as overseas remittance channels increases, the Philippines, remittances of foreign workers a new high, reaching 18.763 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 8.2% over the central bank projected growth target of 8% . Philippine remittances of foreign workers account

for about 10% of gross domestic product, the maintenance of domestic demand and balance of payments, foreign exchange reserves and the peso hedge such great significance. Strong recovery in exports and continued growth in remittances from overseas MLC 2010, the Philippines, high balance of payments cheap ebook reader surplus reached 14.4 billion U.S. dollars foreign exchange reserves grew by 40% to a record 621 billion dollars. Strong growth in remittances than foreign labor, large-scale campaign during the election campaign spending also contributed to the advertising industry, printing industry and the growth of the media and other industries to ensure the stability of domestic demand expansion in the Philippines.

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